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comeuppance n : an outcome (good or bad) that is well deserved [syn: deserts, comeupance]

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  1. An outcome which is justly deserved (good or bad).
    He got his comeuppance for cheating.


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Comeuppance is the first full album released by British progressive rock / jazz fusion band Sphere3.

Track listing

  1. "A Good Example Of Arbitrary Presumption"
  2. "Shrimp.SNG"
  3. "Sidewalking"
  4. "Natural Light"
  5. "First Kiss"
  6. "Eat First, Ask Questions Later"
  7. "An Unusual January"
  8. "December Gaze"
  9. "Tapestries"
  10. "Paralysis"

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compensation, desert, deserts, deserving, due, due reward, dues, just deserts, merit, merits, punishment, quittance, recompense, reprisal, requital, retribution, revenge, reward, rights, what is due, what is merited
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